2017-18 Pilot teachers

Planting the seeds to grow the future leaders of tomorrow!

"STEAM instruction is setting my young students up for a continued educational experience that is explorative, meaningful, creativity-enhancing and FUN. As a STEAM teacher, I believe that I am giving students the tools now to approach problems in and out of the classroom with a spirit of resilience, encouraging them to take risks and fail beautifully, growing in knowledge and experience all the more."
- Lauren Seaber

"As a STEAM pilot teacher I am proud to say that I have had one of my most successful years teaching. We have covered more material, gone deeper into it, and made stronger real-world connections this year than ever before in my classes. Yes, I have had access to STEAM resources, coaching and curriculum to enhance what I'm doing; but nothing has been more influential on my growth as a professional than getting to collaborate with the other excellent pilot teachers at HPISD."
Aaron Cappotelli

  • Lauren Seaber: Armstrong Elementary, Kindergarten
  • Lara Young: Armstrong Elementary, 1st 
  • Mary deMarrais: Armstrong Elementary, 2nd 
  • Ashraf Mobh: Armstrong Elementary, 4th
  • Jennifer Christy: Armstrong Elementary, Art
  • Kristina Watkins: Armstrong Elementary, Special Ed. 
  • Jennifer Knagg: Bradfield Elementary, Kindergarten
  • Caroline Fischer: Bradfield Elementary, 2nd
  • Amber Braud: Hyer Elementary, 4th
  • Lindsey Estill: Hyer Elementary, Science Lab
  • Katie Moore: University Park Elementary, 3rd
  • Debbie Blackwell: MIS, ELA
  • Bridget Cappotelli: MIS, Math
  • Sarah Beth Uhles: MIS, Math
  • Vi An Vo: MIS, Science
  • James Jenkins: HPMS, Art & Computer Graphics
  • Tara Callahan: HPMS, ELA
  • Aaron Cappotell: HPMS, Journalism
  • Kristen Cordes: HPMS, Technology
  • Heather Smith: HPHS, Art
  • Sandra Simmons: HPHS, French
  • Gregory Bergeron: HPHS, Math Models & Algebra 1
  • Gordon Williamson: HPHS, Science & Engineering
  • Jay Ingram: HPHS, Science & Physics
  • Jesse Cole: HPHS, Technology & Digital Media
  • Johan Ekstrom: HPHS, Technology & Computer Science