Meet our 2018-19 steam teachers

We are excited to introduce you to our next group of STEAM leaders in the classroom!

“A core principle that has guided my 14 years of teaching speech and debate is that instruction must be relevant and applicable to the real world. This requires an emphasis on multidisciplinary approaches to complex topics that result in next level thinking and the development of portable skills that will serve our students well into the future. When given the opportunity to join the STEAM team, and to take these concepts even further, it was a no brainer! I am a true believer in the transformative potential of STEAM, and look forward to learning and sharing with my colleagues, students and the community.” -Toby Whisenhunt

  • Dinah Donham, Armstrong Elementary, 1st

  • Devin Edgemon, Armstrong Elementary, SPED K-2

  • Emily Freeman, Armstrong Elementary, 3rd

  • Laura Walker, Speech Language Pathologist, All

  • Sue Grieve, Bradfield Elementary, 2nd

  • Kay Jones, Bradfield Elementary, 2nd

  • Pattye Knight, Bradfield Elementary, Kindergarten

  • Valarie Proudfoot, Bradfield Elementary, 4th

  • April Penman, Bradfield Elementary, 4th

  • Julie Barletta, Hyer Elementary, 4th

  • Brittany Cristofoli, Hyer Elementary, 4th

  • Courtney Layton, University Park Elementary, Kindergarten

  • Sara Meeks, University Park Elementary, 4th

  • Rebecca Thompson, University Park Elementary, 4th

  • Diane Durgin, MIS, ELA/SS, 5th

  • Emily Green, MIS, Science, 5th

  • Lisa Lohia, MIS, ELA/SS, 5th

  • Molly Iler, MIS, ELA, 6th

  • Laura Stager, MIS, Science, 5th

  • Heather Dykes, HPMS, ELA, 8th

  • Yvonne Janik, HPMS, ELA, 8th

  • Dana Caron, HPHS, Latin, 9-12

  • Laura Draper, HPHS, Art, 9-12

  • Katie Mellus, HPHS, Psychology/Forensic Psychology, 11-12

  • Carmen Moises, HPHS, Spanish

  • Tim Thomas, HPHS, Robotics/Video Game Design, 9-12

  • Toby Whisenhunt, HPHS, Professional Communication/Debate, 9-12

  • Melynda Wright, HPHS, PreCalculus/Calculus, 9-12