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Welcome to HP STeam!

Science. Technology. Engineering. Arts. Mathematics. 

STEAM pilot teachers have enhanced education across the entire K-12 system this school year by creating meaningful connections in learning. STEAM teachers foster critical thinking and problem solving skills, design collaborative engaging lesson plans and ultimately offer professional-level, hands-on experiences for students. 

Kindergartners at Bradfield participated in a hybrid social studies and financial literacy lesson during Kinder Market. During this activity, students were able to determine the difference between something that is a want and something that is a need. So which will it be? The car payment or the extra candy? Check out the video to see what our kindergartners pick!

Second grade students in Mrs. Lindsey Estill's class at Hyer Elementary had an engaging lesson about bees! After learning more about bee farming, pollination and the declining population of bees from a professional bee keeper, students put together their very own bee conservation campaign. 


Fourth grade students in Mrs. Ashraf Mobh's class at Armstrong Elementary had a wonderful time innovating together in their creative makerspace class. Teams of three to four students combined their ideas to create simple machines inspired by American cartoonist, sculptor, engineer and author Rube Goldberg