The Program

The Moody Innovation Institute is a unique and transformational five-year initiative that will set a new standard for public education.  The Moody Innovation Institute will provide the foundation for reshaping how STEAM subjects are taught, delivering the results needed to equip students for tomorrow’s world. The Moody Innovation Institute will be driven by teacher professional development and the alignment of the STEAM subject curricula throughout the district. It will shift the focus of STEAM education from textbooks to high-level experiential learning that engages students in problem-solving and provides structured opportunities to work collaboratively. Technology enhancements will allow all HPISD students to have the infrastructure needed to best incorporate technology into daily learning, incentivizing teachers to use these resources in their classrooms as they become models of active and engaged learning environments. 

The Moody Innovation Institute recognizes the importance of professional development for all STEAM teachers as the basis to improve and advance the excitement of STEAM teaching for students regardless of grade level.

STEAM education is interdisciplinary in nature, offering students the ability to use project-based learning to address real-world issues that affect their families and communities.  A key component of the institute is the incorporation of business, industry and community leaders in participation in the educational process in an enduring and substantive way.



The primary goal of the Moody Innovation Institute is to be a forward-thinking educational leader that aligns rigorous, relevant academic standards across the entire K–12 system, creating meaningful connections to real-world opportunities and empowering students to seize opportunities in today’s economy.

This will be accomplished through the following:

  • Teacher professional development for increased student success
  • Life-changing experiential learning
  • Enhanced technology for work-life preparedness
  • Vertical curriculum alignment for superior learning