Meet our STEAM Coaches

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Jaime Callahan 

"Leaders go first! The STEAM pilot teachers are leading HPISD in the direction of creating an empowering education for all students. STEAM instruction provides an avenue for accomplishing this loftiest of educational goals."  (To learn more about Jaime click here)

Michael Warren

"A STEAM approach to education makes learning tangible for students. It connects the theoretical learnings of students to practical applications in the world around them. STEAM fosters skill-elasticity, which is imperative for success in the 21st century." (To learn more about Michael click here)


2017-18 Pilot teachers

Planting the seeds to grow the future leaders of tomorrow!

"STEAM instruction is setting my young students up for a continued educational experience that is explorative, meaningful, creativity-enhancing and FUN. As a STEAM teacher, I believe that I am giving students the tools now to approach problems in and out of the classroom with a spirit of resilience, encouraging them to take risks and fail beautifully, growing in knowledge and experience all the more."
- Lauren Seaber

"As a STEAM pilot teacher I am proud to say that I have had one of my most successful years teaching. We have covered more material, gone deeper into it, and made stronger real-world connections this year than ever before in my classes. Yes, I have had access to STEAM resources, coaching and curriculum to enhance what I'm doing; but nothing has been more influential on my growth as a professional than getting to collaborate with the other excellent pilot teachers at HPISD."
Aaron Cappotelli

  • Lauren Seaber: Armstrong Elementary, Kindergarten
  • Lara Young: Armstrong Elementary, 1st 
  • Mary deMarrais: Armstrong Elementary, 2nd 
  • Ashraf Mobh: Armstrong Elementary, 4th
  • Jennifer Christy: Armstrong Elementary, Art
  • Kristina Watkins: Armstrong Elementary, Special Ed. 
  • Jennifer Knagg: Bradfield Elementary, Kindergarten
  • Caroline Fischer: Bradfield Elementary, 2nd
  • Amber Braud: Hyer Elementary, 4th
  • Lindsey Estill: Hyer Elementary, Science Lab
  • Katie Moore: University Park Elementary, 3rd
  • Debbie Blackwell: MIS, ELA
  • Bridget Cappotelli: MIS, Math
  • Sarah Beth Uhles: MIS, Math
  • Vi An Vo: MIS, Science
  • James Jenkins: HPMS, Art & Computer Graphics
  • Tara Callahan: HPMS, ELA
  • Aaron Cappotell: HPMS, Journalism
  • Kristen Cordes: HPMS, Technology
  • Heather Smith: HPHS, Art
  • Sandra Simmons: HPHS, French
  • Gregory Bergeron: HPHS, Math Models & Algebra 1
  • Gordon Williamson: HPHS, Science & Engineering
  • Jay Ingram: HPHS, Science & Physics
  • Jesse Cole: HPHS, Technology & Digital Media
  • Johan Ekstrom: HPHS, Technology & Computer Science