Meet our STEAM Coaches

Ashley Jones

“Through collaboration and inquiry, all students are able to bring something to the table.  Whether it’s an idea, a way to build something or even their own artistic flare, STEAM gives students the ability to cultivate a strength and have a voice when it comes to the overall success of a particular project.  You don’t just watch STEAM happen… you make it happen and watch it come to life.”

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Ericca Vandagriff

"I’m honored to work for a district that recognizes the critical need for students of today to be the makers, applicators, and have the ingenuity to be successful in our world today.  I’m excited to collaborate with teachers to not only create unique STEAM experiences but truly enrich the lives of their students by providing authentic and worthwhile learning."

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The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.


Planting the seeds to grow the future leaders of tomorrow!